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Originally Mojave Gold.
Purchased in poor condition and soon found that it was actually in terrible condition. Rusty nightmare with panels brazed in some areas with more than a half inch of bondo. Roof completely rusted through with damage on the structural metal and virtually no base to the drivers side a pillar. Front clip was swapped with a 71 likely due to an accident that the car was in at one point. Im not sure of her history, but it must have been full of neglect. I don't know Shelly's past, but its going to be a lot of hard work moving into the future.
1972 Chevrolet Malibu (Originally Mojave Gold.)


original 350/350 combo with disappointing l65. This engine was abused. Has bolt on parts for drag racing. Stock heads which had 3 or 4 rockers slipped off the pushrods. One bent pushrod.(had afr head stickers on the windows, so im not sure if this ran with performance heads or just sticker HP), Team G single plane intake manifold, accel style distributor and coil. Under hood AC components removed. Aftermarket valve covers and K&N air cleaner. Block was painted Viper green. Not sure if it has a stock cam or internals. This thing actually ran when I bought it. Evidently only on so many cylinders.
Originally a bench seat car with a sweep dash. Ac car (needs repair) with a column shifter. Originally 730 code, Light Covert Rianon Cloth, Antique Light Covert Coated Fabric. Having trouble getting more info on this interior scheme. Dah pad is black (not sure if its original) and dash is brownish green. Carpet was brown and seats are an off-white. Converting to bucket seats and console shift. Im going to stick with the original color scheme though.
New front fenders, repaired rotted out cowl panel where window sits, removed roof skin and am repairing a pillar and structural. Replaced rotted hood with a donor flat hood in good condition.

Original stereo. No clue if it still works. May install a hideaway stereo but at this point id be happy with just hearing the engine run.
Stock, but does have the rear chasis reinforcement braces. Frame has been replace with the frame from a 68. Original frame had a frame patch and was bent on the passenger side horn. New frame is straight. I ground down the 68 frame and cleaned it up. Coated the frame with por 15. Suspension components have been blasted, primed and painted in gloss black. Will eventually go with Global west set up to correct front end geometry. Installed The Right Stuff Detailing's front end disc brake conversion which included 2" lowering spindles. Thinking of lowering the rear as well but wont know until everything is assembled with a tank of gas in it.
Wheel and Tire
235/60/15 with SS rims



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