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General Information

El Camino
Black withRed interior
L79 clone, Turbo 400, Factory A/C, tilt, tach,PW, Power bench,tinted,
I've owned this truck since April of '77. Always Black as it started life as a funeral flower car in Berwyn Illinois! I have been buying options over the years as I found them including the tilt, windows, power seat, Am/FM, multiplex, tach, gauges, lots of NOS moldings but not all. Working on original cruise control but need brackets and a few other small parts. It sat for about 35 years in my conditioned garage! Got it out last August and went at it hard. New paint and any moving part I could get at. Bottom and frame were done 30 years ago and still look good. Solid car. Would like to find 12 bolt with 3:31 at most. It had a 283 2 barrel, powerglide and 10 bolt when I got it. Built the L79 long block back in 78-79 and ran it briefly. Finally I got the intake, carb, air cleaner and 30 other items that are unique to L-79.
1965 Chevrolet El Camino (Black withRed interior)


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