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Showcase cover image for PERFECT PAINT '70 LS6 Recreation

General Information

Full 1970 SS 454 Recreation
'Near' perfect 1970 LS6 Convertible Tribute Car.
'71 Donor Convertible Body, '71 VIN TAG
Complete Professional Build with Matching #s LS6/M22/3.73 drive train By Yesteryear Classics in OK. NOS or completely Restored Date Code Correct Parts were used throughout as much as possible. Best Paint I have ever seen on any vehicle in my life.

Original concept was to be a period correct looking 'Driver', with the most modern suspension and creature comforts possible (A/C, PW, PDL, modern sound system, etc.) + a lesser drive train build up (BB, M21, Generic 3.73 Posi) But Larry Bauer at Yesteryear located a #s matching period correct LS6 drive train and the project just scaled up (Morphed??) from there to make it as correct looking as possible, which of course scaled up the $$$ too. Never to be mistaken as a real LS6 Convertible, as it had the original '71 VIN tag.

It was Stolen in 2005 while at the engine shop, having to be returned for some rework and as a result now probably lives in some Russian or Chinese Bastard's garage with a BOGUS '70 VIN tag. Yes, the Police thought it was an inside job as the workers knew it be other an authentic 1970 LS6... and they knew 5 days ahead of time that it was on its way from CA back to OK.
1971 Chevrolet Chevelle (Red)



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