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General Information

Triple black
L79, PS, Power 4 piston disc, AC, M21, Convertible, AMFM, 12 bolt with full gauges w/roller tachometer
The last of the L79 (327/325hp) in the Chevelle was in 1968. This car is extremely rare especially with AC, gauges with Roller tachometer, 4 piston disc brakes, power steering and power top. After many searches through different forums and Chevy sites it may be the only number matching L79 Ragtop equipped like mine. It is the only one also listed in the L79 Registry. The original number matching rebuilt engine is cooled with original HD cooling and has the original standard forged crankshaft, 30 over 11 to 1 forged pistons,carburetor and distributor with double hump 2.02 heads, cast iron exhaust manifolds and L79 151 cam. The CF code 12 bolt 3.31 gear with posi rear end was completely gone through using carbon fiber clutches as was the M21 4 speed. Every wiring harness is brand new as built by M&H Wiring. All interior was updated to the best Legendary interior upholstery. Nut and bolt restoration and Murphy earned her name "If it can go wrong it will" but in the end she is gonna be great! Well 6 months later after my last statement she turned out great!!!!!
1968 Chevrolet Malibu (Triple black)


Original L79 327/325 rebuilt to stock specs. Original block, standard forged large journal crankshaft (68 only), forged 11 to 1 pistons, 2.02 heads, intake, carburetor, distributor and cast exhaust manifolds.
Completely new Legendary Upholstery throughout. Car was originally a bench seat but was changed over to correct 1968 bucket seats with console. Done right!
All necessary body work was done over and the original blue was changed to black as was the interior and convertible top.
AMFM With Bluetooth and phone over speakers
Optional lighting
Built to look stock with internally modified muffler chambers and larger non crimped pipes for better performance. Slightly louder but still a very nice cruising system.
Stock F40 with a larger front sway (1 1/8th) bar and addition of a 7/8th rear sway bar. All Moog parts and Bilstein shocks. Original factory 4 piston disk brakes that stop the car on a dime.
Wheel and Tire
15x7 Chevy Rally wheels with 235/60/15 Cooper Radials. I also have F60/15 Firestone Wide Oval bias ply and the "fake" 14 inch wire wheel covers that the car was built with.



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