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Nothing Special!
Bought this chevelle about 4 years ago....Seller stated that the 454 had been rebuilt and all this body work had been done....wanted a decent price for it, but after inspecting it, found alot of problems. Got the price where i was happy and bought it. Went to load it up and while doing so, he pulled up with a trailer and had it full of parts, new parts, that He forgot to tell me.
Anyway, got it back to the shop and disassembled the unit. Lot of halfa-- work had been done. So talked to the new owner to find out what all she wanted done. Big smile when she said everything! NOW THE FUN BEGINS!!!
1970 Chevrolet Chevelle (Primer)


The car came with a 454 and the seller said he had it rebuilt.....Hmmmmmm......decided to look at the main journals, so pulled a cap....S---. He had it built, but the did not champer the oil journals, and need less to say, the bearing, rod and main were scored. stripped the motor down to a bare block and carried to my friends at Self Racing Heads & Engines, here in Durant, OK. Told them to buiold it for me.....Two weeks later, the called and told me they were ready to dyno it. When up and man, very nice motor.
I will find the ticket and add all they did to it in here later. Anyway.....$15000.00 later, I have a motor that produces 685 on HP, and 625 on Torque. it has been Balanced, and blueprinted. Sounds really good. All the boss could do when they dyno'ed it was grin really big and squeeze my arm really hard, leaving lifetime imprints. Hope she wore depends that day and she was excited.
The interior has been gutted...everything, and that one of the nice things about the purchase of the car, all new interior, including new dash was in the parts that the seller included. I will do some changing on it, like elec. windows, vintage air, tilt steering column....ect.
As fr the body, it had some panels or partials put in, but not to my satisfaction....bad weld, rusted panels to new panels...poor welding. So, i go over the car and order all new AMD panels, trunk pan, wheel houses, quarter panels, filler panels...anything that looked got ordered. That is what I am working on now....and with the help of a so-called body tech, we got started. Removed pretty much all the back end of the car and replacing all panels. Now....the so-called tech has drug his feet and i really think he got in over his head. He does alot of final prep and painting, and beautiful work at that, but working with aligning the panels...he just scratches his head...He has been Fired.
Looking to install a very nice system in this when I get to that point in the rebuild. Am letting "THE BOSS" kind figure out what she wants.
I have upgraded the suspension to UMI Performance and Hotchkis...all tubular. UMI shocks and RightStuff disc brakes and master cylindr with a 9" booster
Wheel and Tire
Currently have BF Goodrich G-Force Performance tires and Hot Wheel Rims.



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