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Camaro SS 396
Code 48 Forrest Green with Code 711 standard black
Z27, L78, M22, ZQ9, power brakes, manual steering, console delete
Purchased in August of 1985. Still living at home with mom and dad, I was only 19. I had the garage tied up with a 1966 ss 396 chevelle rag top I had purchased for 175.00 bucks. The chevelle was apart and needed tons of work when I purchased the Camaro, so I found a buyer for the chevelle and moved the Camaro right in. 31 years later and a different garage now, but the same Camaro. The car is a real "born with numbers matching" L78 396/375 hp that I have street raced, track raced, competed for points, cruised the jersey shore and have entered in car shows and cruise nights with. Even exploited a few females on my slimmer days!! In the early years I swapped out the factory 4.10's for a set of 4.56's for a little more jump. Cruizin' down the island took a wee bit longer but we all survived until the 2004 season finale at Atco when the 4.56 gear finally gave up the ghost. I removed all the go fast parts and began a quest for originality. Today the Camaro sports some steel wheels, old school traction bars and a set of headers and hangs out mostly at local cruise nights where the most popular words I hear are "Man, you just don't see these anymore". Kinda makes me feel glad I kept it all these years.

1970 Chevrolet Camaro SS 396 (Code 48 Forrest Green with Code 711 standard black)


The original numbers matching 396/375 CKO engine thet still purrs along evan after all the missed shifts over 31 years.......thatta girl!!
Standard black vinyl seats, console delete, somewhat boring........but business like
Paint and body were done in 1994. Original green was stripped in favor of a new Buick / Caddy color dark green metallic. The steelie wheels, caps, and old school traction bars were added in 2015 to help achieve the look I was after.
Dug up an old high powered Panasonic cassette out of an airstream travel trailer and added two Rockford fosgate 6x9's. The cassette still works..........
stock 5 leaf with traction bars
Wheel and Tire
Color coded steelies with baby moons



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