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Marina Blue
Owned this car since January 1985, engine died in October 1985. Finally fired up the replacement in March 2015 only to sit again until Spring 2019...

Was "ridden hard & put away wet"... When I bought this as a senior in High School, it had a "327" (turned out to be a 307), rigid fiberglass bucket seats, no back seat, purple tinted windows, Hurst shifter, 14inch "Torque Thrusts"... Crappy "custom" paint with all emblems shaved... Didn't know about "138" etc back then... Just knew the car had a 4-speed, 12-bolt posi, factory gauges and the cool SS hood...

The car had some parts stashed in the trunk (original idler pulley assembly and knee-knocker tach, etc) and some paperwork... Several years late, I was able to determine it was originally an L78, and seemed to be an M22 car (partial window sticker). Buckets, console, gauges and tach, 3.73 Positraction 12-bolt. Built mid-April in Fremont. Always been in Northern California... And of course, a true SS, 138 car... Unfortunately, being young and with the car so modified, I didn't see the importance of paperwork/documentation. Subsequently, pretty much all the paperwork was lost after I moved several times, as well as my mother moving (where much of my stuff was stored)...

Since the original drivetrain was gone, I was was always torn as to what direction to take the "restoration"... In the late 90's I gave up on the full resto and sold a date correct L78 long block I had collected... But now, 2019, I have decided to go back to a "stock" representation. I will be adding 15" steel wheels with radial redlines, disc brakes with dual reservoir master cylinder, Hurst shifter (but with a "stock" handle), heater delete/radio block-off/Cowl Plenum/Deep groove pulleys/L78 intake & carb, factory 4-row radiator and stock exhaust.

1966 Chevrolet Chevelle (Marina Blue)


currently a 396 bored to 427 CI, non-original motor. Some previous work by Kenny Duttweiler. Factory intake, deep groove pulleys with rare idler assembly, big rare 4-row radiator, manual steering and brakes, cowl plenum air cleaner, small-body HEI conversion, factory intake, service-dated L78 carb. Factory exhaust manifolds and exhaust system...
Factory bucket seats, knee-knocker tach and gauges, but otherwise spartan "factory racecar" interior: no console, heater delete, radio block off panel, dash-top clock, maybe a wood wheel... "stock" shifter handle.

Although the car was originally a black bucket interior, but I am planning on White bucket interior (with stock black dash, column, carpet and painted surfaces)... Different, and white seats are much cooler than black seats...

The first picture is NOT mine, but close to what it should look like, equipment wise (buckets/no console).
Marina Blue
Mild stereo, with most components hidden.
Stock rebuild with upgraded springs (Eibach) and shocks(Edelbrock), manual steering, later "Chevelle" single-piston disc brake swap; stock rear drums. Global West lower rear arms with spherical joints, Edelbrock upper rear arms with spherical joints and adjustibility, and Edelbrock frame braces to replace the stock pieces. "stock" rear sway bar and larger front bar.
Wheel and Tire
Wheel Vintiques 15" steel wheels with radial 'redlines' from Diamond Back Classics (215 BFG up front, 275/60 Nitto drag radial out back). Stock "dog dish" hubcaps.

Had considered 17 or 18 inch Vintage Wheel Works V40s, but currently going with the 15" steelies and dog dishes... The longer I wait, the more likely I'll end up changing...



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