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General Information

Burnt Orange
I picked this car up in Syracus in 2013 the car was last on the road in 1978 and passed from one collector to the next. I bought this from a real shaddy and fast talking salesman. I spent 2 1/2 years and took it from the ground up every nut and bolt is new every piece new. Brand new 454 from D&D in Chesterville, new 400 Tranny and 12 bolt rear end from Gearheads in Carleton Place, new interior everything possible dash, gauges, seats, headliner, all new Glass, bumper re-chromed everything you can think of. A very special thanks to a master perfectionist Ken Currie he is the best. The car was painted in pieces and re-assembled, wet sanded 1500 and 2500 and polished without my uncle Robert Lalonde of Cornwall Ontario none of this would be possible.
1972 Chevrolet Chevelle (Burnt Orange)


I had the motor done from the bottom up from D&D Performance out of Chesterville they are amazing and are a one stop shop they build, machine, Dyno they are amazing. motor came back at 468hp and 523 torque
I had Ken Currie from Almonte assist me with the interior he did the seats, installed all new glass, installed dash pad, carpet and headliner. I got everything from Ground Up they were amazing.
I installed a stereo in the glove box while original radio works and attached to top mount speakers while stereo works off of door and rear speakers.
Wheel and Tire
Original rims and bias ply tires



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