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General Information

El Camino
Picked this little gem up in central Texas while returning home from a tour in Afghanistan. CL seller said 327, camel humps, Powerglide, headers, HEI, edel intake,redone interior, needs Engine $3K. Said he was out ripping around and thought he hurt the engine. I bought it, dragged it back to Pa and fired it up. It shook and rattled like a like a dog crapping bones for about 15 seconds, then settled down and I revved the engine a few time, and took it for a drive. It wasn't really hurt, just wore out. ( Actually was a worn out 283, most likely original with, early 80's 305 heads. BTW, I knew they weren't camel humps the minute I saw them!)
Plans call for a 355 and 200 4r and just make it a fun reliable driver with a little bit extra under the loud Pedal. Docile enough for the Wife to drive, powerful enough to outrun a few things on the road and fry some tires once in awhile
1965 Chevrolet El Camino (Turquoise)


out with the tired 283 , in with a fresh 355, Vortec heads, small RV cam ( 420/442) Holley 670 Street Avenger, Hooker headers, HEI, Serpentine belt setup from a 90's Blazer, Jeep GC steering box, painted Pontiac Blue. T350 for now, 200 4R in the future
Turquoise and white bench seat and some A/C
Bon Ami , water and Buffer to the Texas baked paint, maybe paint in the future, 327 badges
Simple AM FM tuner with modern hook ups. i'll listen to the stereo of the exhaust most of the time
Stock, with Air shocks in the rear
Wheel and Tire
Centerline Convo Pro's with BFG 215-70-15's ( Old aluminum 14's for now with 225-70-14 rubber)


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