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Chevelle SS 396
Front buckets, cowl induction hood, console, etc.
This car was owned by my late brother-in-aw (Jessie) since 1967 who bought it from the original owner, a dad in La Jolla, Ca. who had bought it new for his son. Unfortunately the son screwed up somehow and dad yanked the car back and sold it after owning it less than a year. Bummer right?
Jessie drove it stock for a few years then pulled the original 325hp 396 in favor of a 360hp 396 for more power and presumably for 'racing'. The original 325hp 396 was kept.
After a decade or so, Jessie became quite successful as an electrical engineer in SF bay area, started a family and subsequently parked the Chevelle in the garage where it sat for some 25+ yrs. He then moved to SoCal in early 2000's where the Chevelle sat covered outside for another approx. 14yrs.
Jessie passed away in 2015 from cancer having never fulfilled his dream of rebuilding the Chevelle.
His grown children were either disinterested in the car or didn't currently have the means to rebuild the Chevelle so I offered to purchase it and they agreed to sell it to me.
I took possession of it just a few months ago and I am currently considering all the possibilities, responsibilities, and ramifications of taking this bull by the horns.
1966 Chevrolet Chevelle SS 396 (Black)


Its got a 396 - 360hp coded engine installed currently. Probably hasn't run in 30yrs. Yep, that's rat nests in the engine compartment!
The original (turns out NOT the original) 396 - 325hp coded engine was stored by a friend for 14yrs or so covered by a tarp outside! The 325hp is currently being evaluated by an engine shop for rebuild viability (came back good to go! original specs)
Interior. Oh dear, the rats have been making their home in here for many years. I shoveled literally 2 - 5 gallon buckets of rat shit out of the interior! Whole interior needs replacement just due to rat contamination alone! Otherwise it doesn't look to bad to the eye.
Exterior is in good condition. Very little observable rust (so far). Just small amount front rocker panel rust visible. Frame looks good. Trunk looks good. Floor pans look good. Paint is pretty shot.



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