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El Camino SS
Red with Black stripes
Custom SS
Every indication says it is indeed an SS 350 4 speed born in California. Originally a pale yellow with black stripes. It spent some time as a drag strip runner. Still has a roll bar that was hacked thru the floorboard and welded to the frame. The lack of a single piece of physical proof allows me the freedom to do pretty much whatever I want to the car. Which I am.

I chose to go with a factory style (day 2) look with modern updates where appropriate. Most of the modifications are not really noticeable keeping with the classic look theme.

All work was done by myself. Body work by me with my Son's help. He sprayed it.

The goal for this vehicle. I need a truck. And I’ve missed owning a muscle car since the early 80s. So I decided to make a modern truck with classic appeal. It’s duties will be Car shows and runs, cruising, towing a sports car to the track, occasional drag strip run, and generally causing a stir when it drives by.
1972 Chevrolet El Camino SS (Red with Black stripes)


I bought it a year ago with a newly rebuilt 402 Big Block, build turbo 400 with floor B&M shifter and newly built BOP 12/10 bolt Posi 8.5” with 3.42 Richmond gears, Mosler 31 spline axles.
I wasn’t satisfied with the power from newly rebuilt 402, (now 406). So I did some investigating and found that it only had about 7.5:1 compression and a large mismatch of parts. So I thru out the stock 500-4000 rpm cam and the 2500-7000 rpm torquer II intake. Replaced the open chamber heads with closed chamber heads, added a VooDoo 256 cam (60201) and Wieand Stealth intake. The heads and Wieand came together and were port matched with minor port cleanup. The dyno came out to about 395 crank HP and 457 tq. Since it is destined to pretend to be a useful truck the numbers are about right. I have since added a Holley Projection Fuel Injection with 900cfm good for 500 hp if I ever go that far.. Shorty headers with 3" exhaust.

Also adding Hughes 2500 torque converter very soon.
Factory buckets and an SS dash with rebuilt dash, tach replacing clock, gauges replacing idiot lights, That includes new dash top and face, tach to add to the SS round cluster along with some 1 1/4 “ water, oil and volt gauges. (I hate amp gauges). New wiring harness from American Autowire, their classic update kit will work best for my goals.
Factory style repaint red with black stripes.
I spent about a year sanding, welding, priming, sanding and so on to get the body straight. Repaired a couple rust spots on the body, RR lower fender and RF lower fender. Then kept working it until I felt it was ready for color. We rented a friends paint booth and my Son laid down the Victory Red single stage paint. After several weeks I wet sanded the hood and tailgate prepping the area for the gloss black stripes. I laid out the striping templates and again my son laid down the color ( or lack thereof) . The car is now visually done. A couple items to fix underneath and we’re golden.
Retrosound stock appearing in-dash digital stereo, new underdash stereo speakers in stock locations with bass blockers, rear retro speakers and minimum rear subwoofer to fill out the sound.
It was already on it’s way to a life in Pro Touring. The front suspension has QA1 Coilover shocks/springs, 1/2“ longer upper and lower ball joints, very large sway bars front and rear. Delrin bushings in the upper arms, slock lower bushings. Rear is lowered using softer late El Camino springs, air bags for additional support if I'm hauling something. either coil over shocks or gas shocks. Mounted at a 2" lower position.

Original disk brakes are completely rebuilt, but alas, not adequate for towing 4000 pounds, at least not in my eyes. Matt’s Classic Bowties delivered a CPP 13” front and 12” rear disk brake system created with modern heavy truck calipers and rear Lincoln calipers. It stops very well!
Wheel and Tire
17” Hopsters with 235/50 front tires and 275/55/17 rear tires. Trying to find some 16" slicks that will fit over the 12" rear disk brakes.



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