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General Information

Orange & black
rear UMI suspension kit
It started out as a 1969 base El Camino that has been transformed into looking like an SS that was a auto column shift but now a 4-spd 350 4 barrel headers vehicle. Inside has black I think are leather seats 4 spd hurst shifter connected tp a saginaw trans.
1969 Chevrolet custom (Orange & black)


It has a sbc 350 with vortec heads and headers with a 4 barrel carb, but I have plans to have built a blue print 383 with roller rockers. I have a 1973 4 bolt 010 block. new Trick Flow specialties 23 degree aluminum cylinder heads#TFS-30400001 Forged 375 internally balance crank, forged pistons 0.30 for 6.0 connecting rods and still collecting parts and looking for thoughts of what size roller rocker cam I should get to match what I have already purchased.
The interior had come with a small racing steering wheel but I have bought the proper new black SS 2 horn button steering wheel. I also have the clock and the in dash tach with gas, water and oil all in one gauge. I also have a new gauges and radio bezel but not in yet.
The exterior has changed with new rear tail lights and reverse lights and bumper reflectors and also have but not put on yet new marker lights, I have ordered new headlight bezels but are on order and waiting.I have put a SS hood and chrome hood bezels.
I am looking to get the old style radio with new updates with satelight hook up.
I have UMI upper and lower trailing arms and a connecting rod that mounts between them
Wheel and Tire
I have 235 60 15's on the front and 255 60 15's on the back with corvette style rims, maybe put 275 60 15 on back for traction after the 383 is put in



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