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Chevelle Malibu COPO Tribute
Iridesent Dusk Blue
ZZ454 Crate Motor w/ ZZ502 Cam, Tremec TKX 5 Speed Manual Transmission with Overdrive, 12 Bolt Rear 3.73:1
CQQL was bought new from Parkland Chevrolet in Asheville, North Carolina. CQQL was 1 of only 798 Chevelles with the "955DE" Two Tone Paint Option: She came from the Baltimore Final Assembly Plant with a Glacier Blue body (Color Code 53) with a Dusk Blue painted roof (Color Code 51), full disc Wheel Covers, and White Wall Tires -- I'd love to have a photo of her when new. The interior was dark blue bench seat. Motivation was provided by a 307, a Powerglide transmission, and a 10 bolt rear. CQQL spent most of her working life as a grocery getter within 20 miles of Asheville.

The Wife and I picked CQQL up in Johnson City, Tennessee and drove her home to Minnesota -- a trip of 1,100 miles. That was a great road trip -- there were so many other motorists yelling "Hey, that's a cool car." That's how CQQL got her name. CQQL sports a personalized license with the digits "CQQL" which is a tribute to the Moon Equipment Company's Mooneyes.
1969 Chevrolet Chevelle Malibu COPO Tribute (Iridesent Dusk Blue)


When I first got CQQL she had a nice little 350 CID engine and a TH350 tranny, however it wasn't long before I installed a GMPP 454 HO Crate Engine (which is dressed as an L-72), a TH400, and a 12 Bolt Rear with Positraction in 3.73:1. In 2017 I installed a TCI Super StreetFighter 700R4 Overdrive Transmission. In 2018 I upgraded the cam to a ZZ502 bump stick, new springs and a set of Crane Rocker Arms. Later, I replaced the HO's Heads with a pair of Edelbrock Aluminum Heads similar to the GMPP units used on the ZZ454.

I've never been happy with the 700R4 (a 4L60e might have been a better choice). I blew up the 700R4 and had it repaired, but when I "popped" it again I ripped it out and just recently installed a Tremec TKX. I replaced the factory TKX Shifter with a Qwik Stik unit from Red Roberts (DBA: Driveline Components Company at The Qwik Stik has shift stops built in so that the TKX doesn't take the punishment when power shifting.
I switched CQQL's blue bench seat interior to Black Bucket Seats with a Console and a Hurst Dual Gate Shifter. When I upgraded to the 700R4 I bought a brand new overdrive Dual Gate for it. The Dual Gate broke shortly after installation. I then installed a Shiftworks-modified "Slap Shifter" from a 1969 GTO (including the GTO Console). If the original Hurst shifter was built like a Jeep, the Pontiac shifter is built like a Sherman Tank! Both bucket seats have seat track extenders that give an extra (and very welcome) 2 inches of leg room. Engine vitals are monitored by a Reproduction Stewart Warner Green Line Oil Pressure gauge, a Reproduction Stewart Warner Water Temperature gauge, and an antique "Big Daddy Don Garlits 'Signature Edition'" DixCo Tach.
No real body modifications, just lots of new AMD sheetmetal. I had the Malibu Lower Chrome Moldings and "Malibu" emblems shaved, and I relocated the radio antenna to the factory correct location on the right quarter panel. CQQL is a tribute to the Central Office Production Order Chevelles. CQQL represents a COPO prepped by the Nickey Chevrolet Dealership in Chicago, Illinois.

In 2019 I swapped CQQL's "big block domed hood" for a AMD "cowl induction hood." The swap included the CI-style air cleaner gear.

I also restriped CQQL with a stripe package similar to a Yenko. The jury is still out on that change, we'll see if I like it or not. The Wife likes it...
Mike Hagan Antique Auto Radio. Modern AM/FM Stereo Radio in an original look.
I added a set of Hedman Headers backed up by a 2.5 inch mandrel bent exhaust system with an "X" crossover. Originally, the system included a pair of Flowmaster 40 Mufflers, but The Wife hated them (they were actually pretty obnoxious). The system now has a pair of FlowMaster 70 Mufflers, and a pair of "Cherry Bomb" mufflers mounted as resonators. Nice and quiet when driven responsibly, plenty throaty at WOT.
CQQL's suspension is raised by roughly one inch to appear "Day 2" period correct.

The Front End has a 1.25 inch diameter hollow front sway bar. Moroso "Trick (Drag Race)" Springs. Ball Joint Spacers, and 90/10 Drag Shocks (with extensions).

In 2018 installed a Lee Quick Ratio Power Steering Gear Box. An extremely nice box that was a drop-in (no adaptors!!!). A great upgrade from the stock gear box.

The Rear End has a UMI 1 inch diameter solid swar bar, Moroso "Trick (Drag Race)" rear Springs, 50/50 shocks (with extensions), UMI adjustable rear upper Control Arms, Lakewood "No Hop Bars," and the South Side Machine Shop lower "lift" Control Arms. I modified the LCAs with UMI's Rear Lower Control Arm Relocation Brackets. The UMI Brackets are a HUGE improvement over the original SSM brackets and if I were to do it over I'd simply buy the UMI "Lift" LCAs (with brackets).

CQQL has an antique Mr. Gasket "ET" Aluminum 12 bolt pumpkin cover which has got to be worth at least a tenth of a second in the Quarter Mile.
Wheel and Tire
Front: 15x7 inch Cragar SS Mags with B.F. Goodrich P235/60-15 tires.

Rear: 15x8 inch Cragar SS Mags with B.F. Goodrich P275/60-15 tires.



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