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Corvette Convertible
Theft recovery that has quite a history I'm sure. When I bought it in 1989 it was red with gold metal flakes, a chain steering wheel, huge flares, burn your legs Hooker side pipes, and fat (rear was M50-15) tires. The suspension was worn out, interior faded, but otherwise not a bad car. I wish I could find my prints of when I got it so I can scan them.

The first thing I did was get the body back to stock (other than the big block hood that was on it) and get repro knock off wheels. I took the car to Dick Guldstrand and told him I wanted the car to handle, but not knock out my fillings. He did his magic with new springs, shocks, rubber bushings, C4 head pipes to factory side pipes, and more to make it great. It's still a stiff ride, but great on good roads and tolerable on bad ones. My wife has never complained. See the lower picture here for the end result.

Since then, the engine blew (replaced) and I got new wheels, but that's about it.
1966 Chevrolet Corvette Convertible (Black)


Mostly stock, I think. It's possible some was replaced when the car was recovered in the 1970's, and it has a fire extinguisher mounted to the passenger car footwell.
Bone stock exterior, for a 1967 Big Block. Some guy made a left turn in front of me, and as long as the front clip was destroyed I made it all 1967 looking.
Aftermarket AM/FM radio, no antenna, no speakers.
Dick Guldstrand's shop chose the springs, shocks, bushings, etc. and made a car that handles well (lots of fun at Willow Springs and Buttonwillow), but does not make it undriveable. My wife and I have taken it to northern California (Big Sur), Sedona, and more.
Wheel and Tire
I got tired of the knock-offs, and restricted by the tires I could get for them, so I upgraded to Vintage 45 16×8 wheels (zero offset) with BFG 245/45-ZR16 Comp T/A R1 tires. They were fun, and great on the track, but expensive. I now have BFG g-Force Sport COMP-2 245/50-16 tires which *barely* fit. I can see slight rub on the outside of the tire, but it does not cause any problems. Maybe a "business card" too much width.



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