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Chevelle SS
Sunburst Orange
Bought off the original Owner Early Baltimore unique in a few ways ..12 body mounts , Large diameter tie rod ends !!!
Owner was a Prof @ Ryder Collage and drove it daily good days ... pase on and the wife refused to sell it and parked it along side the one car garage door in there Paramus NJ home... Back into the garage she hit the 64 4 times.. the lase was the full 1/4 ... The Son said it had to GO TaDa brought it back to Pa in 2007.... started the project in the summer of 2013....
1964 Chevrolet Chevelle SS (Sunburst Orange)


350 four bolt 2 piece seal block punched .040, .008 deck clearance deck height with a skat crank shot peened Pin rods and Speed-Pro coated pistons. Crane dual pattern .446 .468 lift on 112 center. 882 heads steel seats swirl polished .192 .202 valves slight bowl blend three way valve seat grind. screw in studs and roller rockers with Z-28 springs and PC Seals ZZ4 powder coated intake and
650 Summit holly Carb... modified ZZ4 GM dist with limited advance mod Jeggs Hot coated full length headers and Allen Grove ALT PS brackets
Full PUI interior seats headliner sun visors , ACC Rug . Grant Steering wheel . Bought a 4 speed console and had it redone Spray Chrome
Body OFF complete restore , new trunk kit and two passenger side floor pans... added re-pop 1/4's new glass front and rear and two 1/4 glass..... new Tri- Valley bumpers front & rear
Classic retor AM/FM/CD speaker mounted lower front vent panels and dual cone rear speaker in original deck location .
Energy suspension control am bushings and engine trans mount . CPS 1 1/2 " 2" dropped coil springs and the 4 corners with KYB shocks 2005 Jeep G C. fast ratio steering BOX with 70 Mont front disk brake kit with 11: booster and Right Stuff Stainless steel lines P valve and dual bowl Master Cylinder .
Wheel and Tire
4 15" X 7" polished 5 spoke wheels with 195 60 15 front and 215 70 15 rear TA radials



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