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Tropical Turquoise (Paint code L)
4 Speed,Buckets Seats, Console,Dual Exhaust,Rear Window Defroster.
I ordered my 66 at the end of my first enlistment in the USAF while stationed in Germany. Upon my arrival back to the states I took delivery of this car on 04-25-66 in Brooklyn, N.Y. Paid $2939.00, paid a guy at the Dealership $10.00 to lead me to the Holland Tunnel so I could get on the Jersey Turnpike and head to South Alabama. I spent the next 20 + years in the USAF and the 66 was my daily driver, It endured two winters in Grand Forks AFB, N.D. with no shelter of any kind, not even a car port. Took it overseas to Holland and toured several other countries also. Sent it home (U.S) early and feared it was lost at sea in a storm, about had a heart attach until days later I found out mine was not in one of the many containers that went overboard.
1966 Chevelle Malibu (Tropical Turquoise (Paint code L))


I ordered the car with a 327/275 HP engine, like a dummy changed the order to a 283/220 HP, I was stationed in Germany when I did all this. In 2003 I came about a 66 396/325HP numbers matching engine, M-20 Muncie hanging on a triple 4 bell housing intact along with a 12 bolt rear end. It had been setting for 17 years as you can tell. To risky will never do that again, however it went through the machine shop just fine. Turned out to be a good engine and does not look to bad either.
The interior is pretty much stock, added tack and gage set. When I did a frame-off restoration back in 2000, at that time I had the interior re-done in the original trim code 712 B, which is two tone fawn. It is a very rare Chevelle interior color, by accident that is how it came from the factory. I am glad.
I took on the job of stripping my car in order to save a buck or two, what a job, spent many hours just on the door jams etc, I wanted them to be like new when painted. My painter used Sikkins Paint and the paint job turned out real nice. Did the trunk with regular old Advance Auto Splatter Paint.
The beautiful sound of a BB at 2700 cruising.
No real change in this area, I just try to keep it as clean as I can for shows.
Wheel and Tire
Over the last 50 years I have run many different wheel combo's, currently running Rally's with 235-70-15's and will continue to do so I guess.



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