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General Information

I don't have a lot of history with this car. I bought it for $1,500.00 from my old boss. He thought it was a numbers matching car but when he found out the engine #s didn't match, he didn't want it anymore.

I would classify it as a "barn find". The car was all in primer and in some stage of restoration; although it probably sat for some time. Floor rusted with a couple holes, engine and trans out. Really should have just parted it out, but it is a real 138 vin code and I've always wanted a chevelle. If I didn't already have a engine and trans I would not have gotten it.

It will be re-born with a 445 casting 454, bored and stroked to 496, 4 bolt mains, smallish solid roller, bushing lifters, Vic Jr, 950 Pro Systems, 10:1 pump gas motor.

I have it stripped down and once done with the metal work, I'll separated the body/frame and have the frame blasted and painted and the shell will go to my body man.

One interesting thing came up when I sold the 396 that came with it. The engine was a 68' 325 hp from all we could figure. It had a fresh bore on it, cam/lifters greased and all ready to fire....except it must have sat for many years like that. Some minor water rust/stains on bore but the bearing shells cast some light on it. They were stamped as being made in 1972. Not sure it sat that long, but it's definitely possible as someone started working on it, and all work stopped for whatever reason and sat that way until my boss got it.
1968 Chevrolet SS396 (TBD)


496 Stroker pump gas deal
664 hp before installation of windage tray. Take a look at the second picture, I paid a shop (Line Performance in Wright, MN), good money to initially build the engine and then later install the tray and rear main baffle. Instead of fitting it properly, it looks as though someone took sheetmetal shears to it ! I will be fixing this, parts ordered !
They made a lot of mistakes! Glad I had the chance to find all of them. Beware of Line Performance ! Told owner and shop foreman of windage tray/baffle problems and they never returned calls or texts ! I have fixed these problems and hope the machine work was done correctly ! We shall see. As a side note, they did buy me a new exhaust push rod after I found one not adjusted properly(1/8" loose) It's tip got hammered from being run/dyno'd like that. So they did stand by the push rod, but after that no returned calls or messages. Maybe I just didn't spend enough money there ???

Update 2020, I put about 700 miles on the car last summer. I went to adjust the valves and noticed small metal flecks in the heads! I knew something wasn't happy and pulled the engine. I took it to another shop. The owner immediately recognized that I had an oil leak in the rear. Let's back up to 2019. After fixing the first oil leak from Line Performance ( remember I had them attempt to put in a windage tray. They made the attempt and when I fired the engine on my run stand the pan gasket leaked! Half ass job on that. So I redid it and that's when I found the hack job installing the windage tray and anti climb baffle. I also found the timing cover was machined wrong. I called summit who replaced it. You would think with how far off it was Line would have said we have a problem, nope. They jammed it together and that was leak number two. Ran it again and found the rear main leaking too. No sealer on the main cap edges. Fixed that and I thought I got them all....nope. It still leaked in the back and I couldn't find it. I thought it was the rear main again but it wasn't. It was only a small puddle after a good drive. I tolerated it until I pulled the engine for the metal flecks. New shop immediately said the rear cam plug was leaking! Bingo.

New shop said I had some bad valve guides, and no hardened spring cups. Springs were eating the shims. New shop seems like the real deal and I'm looking forward to a 2021 without oil leaks.

List of shotty work by Line Performance in Wright, MN
Stud girdle hitting exhaust rockers ultimately damaging a push rod, stripped carb mounting threads, broken off and leaking fuel float bowl sight plugs clear ( both), damaged and incorrectly installed Milodon windage tray and anti climb baffle, leaking timing cover, leaking oil pan, leaking rear main seal, leaking rear cam plug, incorrectly shimmed valve springs, distributor improperly locked out.

454 block. 445 casting. 496 Stroker. Callies crank and rods. Approx 10.1 comp. Dart iron eagles. Extensively ported. Comp special solid roller .
valve lift Int, .702/ Exh .702
Duration @ .50 Int, 262/ Exh 270
lash Int, .016/ Exh .018 bushing roller lifters. Pro system 1000. Vic Jr intake. 2" headman headers Th400, built HD sprag, new friction disks, reverse pattern manual valve body. Shiftworks slap shift reverse pattern detent.
Quick Performance 9" 35 spline 370 Detroit locker.
I have a stock interior kit

I'll put more interior picks up soon
the car ended up Black !

VFN 4" cowl fiberglass hood
the engine ! too loud to hear a stereo !
Headman elite long tube headers 2". 3" collectors, running into a full Pypes 3" stainless system with race pro mufflers
Front disk brakes, rear drum, moroso trick springs up front, 1/2" taller upper ball joints. Double nut control arms and 90/10 shocks, rear upper control arms adjustable, UMI lower rear arms, weld in lift brackets, 50/50 shocks
Q P Ford 9" set up for an A body.
Wheel and Tire
15" front rear corvette style rims 275 60 15 rears


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