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SS 396 Chevelle
10 year restoration project, completed in 2016. Complete frame off. Kansas built, originally sold from Rudolph Chevrolet in Phoenix AZ. based on a search done by the Corvette club. After that the car at some point made it's way to the Houston area, I spoke to one of the previous owners who purchased the car from his best friend in H.S. in the early 80's after that it was sold 3-4 times to different guy's in his neighborhood and along the way it was completely dismantled. When I found it the body was sitting on a dolly / frame was in a barn / doors decklid and original SS hood where stored in a loft. Fortunately this prevented the car from rusting. So from there I began the process of hunting down a date correct 396 / converted to 700R4 from the PG and had the original 12 bolt rear end rebuilt.
1966 Chevrolet SS 396 Chevelle (Sandalwood)


A stock appearing 396 L35 w/ the Holley cast intake. I did upgrade to the hyd. roller cam and valve train. Rotating assembly balanced / Forged crank / pistons and rods. Still sporting factory exhaust manifolds, this may be changing soon.
All black restored to original specs / Black buckets / console / I did use the shiftworks conversion kit to retain the original appearing shifter. I have even put an AM radio, but I will be installing a hidden sound system soon.
The exterior is original, of course Rally wheels didn't come on the '66, but they should have. And these are 15's vs. the 14's that came on the '67.
Right now the exhaust is the only entertainment, but a new sound system is coming.
All stock, but I did upgrade the brakes. To retain the stock appearance I used the power disc / 11" rear drum setup from a
'70 Chevelle.
Wheel and Tire
Front BFG's 235/60/15 on 7" wide Rally's
Rear BFG's 255/60/15 same 7" rally wheel.

At some point I am going to have an alternate set of wheels, they are going to be either SS Cragers or Old school American Racing Torque Thrust - still trying to decide which ones.



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