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Chevelle SS396
Original SS396 car that was evidently a street racer in SoCal back in the day. I heard it had an LS6 with nitrous and was damn fast. I'm guessing the racer got too many tickets or could not afford it, so he put in a small block and sold it. The previous owner bought it in 1974 and sold it to me in 1990. It had a Tijuana gunmetal grey paint job and interior, with a 327, T400 tranmission, and open 2.73 gears.

I was looking for a daily driver so this was great. The 327 died within the year so I put in a basic rebuilt 350 (355), and the transmission went a few years later where I then put in a T700R4. I decided I wanted to learn body work, so I stripped the car and discovered just about every panel was deeply creased and it was over my head.

I took it to a shop where they made it look great, after replacing both doors, one quarter panel, one fender, the trunk filler and the trunk. Other than times in the shop, it has been my daily driver since I bought it, and I've put about 100,000 miles on it.
1967 Chevrolet Chevelle SS396 (Yellow)


Basic rebuilt 350, Aluminum radiator, Q-Jet, Edelbrock Performer intake, HEI, World S/R heads, Hedman Headers, T700R4 transmission, 2.73 open differential
Mostly stock other than seats and belts. I have Procar Elite by Scat seats that provide great comfort and have lumbar support and headrests, as well as side bolsters to help hold you in the seat when cornering. I added a four point harness from Crow for extra safety when on freeways (or race tracks), and I've got a cheap AM/FM radio. The rest is stock.
Basically stock, with a custom color. I chose bright yellow, and got lots of colors to compare with. I then took those to the body shop, and told them I wanted the foreman's Yellow Camaro to look dull in comparison. They mixed colors and I went back and forth because they were too green or too milky and settled on this color.
A low end AM/FM radio with a single 6x9 speaker in the rear package shelf. Not loud enough to drown out the engine!
Lots of changes here. I wanted to stop and didn't like drum brakes. Back in 1990 there were not many options like today, but an outfit called HO Racing that was a GTO specialty shop had a kit to swap to F body disks with taller spindles that also improved handling. I did this, and later upgraded to Global West's tubular upper A-Arms (original style) with Del-A-Lum bushings, Global West tubular lower rear control arm, and Koni adjustable shocks. Along with better tires, the car handles and stops really well. I took it to Willow Springs International Reaceway and got a lap time of 1:48 (average speed of 83.3 mph)which is nothing special for a sports car, but damn good for a 1967 Sedan.
Wheel and Tire
More changes here. I got a cheap set of Epsilon 16x9.5 C4 Corvette wheels (Dick Guldstrand took them off his GS80 and didn't need them) which I put 255/50 tires on that worked OK, but they were not ideal. When those tires wore out, I did some research and determined the widest tire/wheel combo that would fit a 1967 Chevelle that used the same combo at all four corners.

I settled on 17×9.5″ V45 wheels with 5 7/8″ backspace by Vintage Wheel Works with a 275/40 tire. You have a few issues to worry about. The A-Arm is really really close and there is a slight crease after years of driving and flexing where the A-Arm has just rubbed the wheel. I could grind a fraction of a millimeter off the A-Arm to clearance this, but it is not getting any deeper. There is a also a slight rub at full lock of the tire on the sway bar. It just polishes the bar and decreased my turning radius. In the rear, my body is not centered and I had to clearance the wheel well with a small sledgehammer so the tires would not rub the inside. There is a ton of room to the outside, so you could go with different backspace if you did not care about the same wheels front/rear and also get wider tires.

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