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SS 396 (454-450+hp)
Garnet Red w/blk interior
Holley 800cfm, Holley Blue fuel pump, M-20 4spd, 410 rear
Two years ago, planning a move to AZ I put my '78 Two Tone Silver Anniversary Corvette up for sale on Craigslist at 11:30 pm...incredible: But True! By 11:50 pm I was making an appt with the owner of the Corvette who I purchased it from 27 years earlier.
The whole story is going to be told in Corvette magazine.
1 month later, having a moving sale and a 68 year old lady purchased some things. I helped her to her car with the items. She said: "your a car guy!" (She saw my garage) And I replied: Yes, and told her about the Corvette. She asked if I would be getting another car. I told her I planned on it...once moved. And she asked: "Another Corvette?" I said: NO...probably a Chevelle or GTO. She said: "I have a Chevelle" I said: Oh, that's nice...and She said...."It is a 69 SS396 but it has a 454 in it now" And...then looking at me....said; "I think I would sell it". Before I could say anything she said; "Twelve" I said "twelve thousand"?. And she said: "Yes!" I asked her how far away her house was and she said "one mile". I said: "I will follow you home". At the house I met her husband. We went into the oversized garage and he started to remove the car cover. As it rolled over the front fender I looked at it, and said to them "this car is sold!" It turned out, her husband had spent 5 years working on the car...he was a hot rod car guy...and had heart issues that resulted in them only driving the car 3 times in 5 years. They said they wanted the car to go to a "car guy". 22 guys have inquired (so far) if the car was for sale..and one was a cash offer of 35K...It is NOT FOR SALE. LOL
1969 Chevrolet SS 396 (454-450+hp) (Garnet Red w/blk interior)


LS6 GM High Performance Crate Engine 450+hp
Stock ….all original except for radio, and Tach,
Weld Racing Mags....body is totally stock (9 out of 10)
Audio ray, usb ported premium radio


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