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Long awaited paint job
1967 malibu chevelle 4 door post
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Bought in 2016 as a tribute to my first car, I found it after a lengthy search for the right one near Seattle and brought it to BC Canada. The car was exceptionally clean, especially underneath and I was even fortunate to find the build sheet, located on top of the fuel tank. I'm the third...
Grandma and Grandpa get-away car
Been in the works too long
1967 malibu chevelle 4 door post
I saved this Beast from the grave 1968 SS396 chevelle
67 Chevelle I purchase 2 years ago. I’ve been slowly working on it when I can fit time in. I own a body shop so I’m never free. Lol. Hoping to finish within the next year.
Rotisserie restored 68’ SS.
427 400 CX69 410 BE Rear RS Package with Counsel Rallye Wheels 1 of 58
Built not bought
Took it in the #@&+# on a long distance deal and getting her where she should have been.
Original owner 69 396
1972 Chevelle SS
This is under my hood
My 1967 Butternut Chevelle 300 deluxe
The rebuild of a 70 Chevelle documented through you tubes Brocks Garage Show
1970 First Rust Free Chevelle