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Titanium Siver
SS clone built to do alittle of everything.
This is the car I bought in High school for a winter car in 1982 or 3 for $200.00. It had been hit in the ass and pushed in the bumper, tail panel and trunk lid. Had rust on the fenders and around the quarter wheel wells. The drivers seat was ripped and had Mcy D wrappers and DD coffee cups along with other trash all over the floors and seats which probably protected the other seats and carpet. It was gold with a black vinyl top. Course being a 17 year old kid I thought it should be grey rattle can primer with black deck stripes. Fast forward 32 yrs later.
1969 Chevrolet Chevelle (Titanium Siver)


I've painted engine bay to match body color and hidden as much wiring and hoses as possible.
The interior is all new either repainted or recovered or replaced back to the factory look. Except for the Z28 steering wheel I put on it in high school and a set of ProCar seats that I cut out the centers and had factory seat covers cut put and sew in to match the rears seat. I had restored the factory buckets but they just did not hold up in the corners. I'd spend more time bracing myself for the next S turn then enjoying the ride.
The body has received all new Gm. panels. Thank God. I put quarters on it back in high school that I bought for $225.00 each, new for the dealer. She Titanium silver with custom pewter side stripes. New Gm grilling and SS trim. Rechromed bumpers a straight trunk lid and new tail panel and tail panel support along with quarter inner panel skirts. New trunk pan and floor pans and every piece of rust cut out and new metal welded in. Winters are rough on cars here in Vermont.
Pretty basic a New Pioneer head unit and 6x9s in the back that I cut in and replaced the front center speaker with a dual speaker unit and power antenna in the back.
2" drop spindles, Qa1 coil overs, tubular control arms, drop springs and 1 1/8" sway bars front and rear. Boxed trailing arm w/ adjustable uppers.
Wheel and Tire
20" Boyd Coddington wheels. 20"x 8.5"in the front and 20"x 10's in the rear. Smooth II's Wrapped in Bfg's


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