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General Information

Cranberry Red
Bought from the widow of the original owner. Car had 50078 miles when I purchased it. Ordered with an LS3 and 3 speed manual transmission. This car was only a quarter mile from my house, living in the country, I did what any good country boy would do. I hooked a tow strap to it and towed it home with the farm tractor.
1971 Chevrolet Chevelle (Cranberry Red)


Somewhere in its 50000 miles the owner had a Edelbrock torker II intake installed along with a performance cam and headers. I wanted to keep the stock appearance of the car so I searched for, an original intake, carburetor and manifolds. I did keep the performance cam.
When I purchased the car the interior was destroyed. The Rats had been in it ( When I removed the rear seat their were two dead rat carcasses in the springs). I gave it a good cleaning and sent it down to James Hinshaw for an New Interior.
When purchased from the widow, the owner had a guy he knew remove most of the chrome and sand the car for a repaint. I put the chrome on the car and cleaned it up with the idea in mind that I would sell the car. As I got it on the road it was one of the best driving cars I have ever had. I put a product on the car called Patina (It's sold by Man made Legends out of Mooresville). It adds shine while still keeping a Patina look.
Wheel and Tire
The Chevelle had the original wheels on it when I purchased it. Somewhere in its life they had put air shocks on the rear and spring spacers in the front. This was popular in the late 70's early 80's to give it a lift and add larger tires. I put stock shocks back and removed the spacers to get the factory ride height again.



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