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General Information

Chevelle SS396
Green Mist Metallic (45)
A01, B51, B80, B96, C24, C56, C60, D55, F41, G94, J50, JL2, L34, M40, N40, PL4, U27, U63, U76, U80, ZK8, ZL3, Z14, Z25.
The car was built in Kansas City, Missouri, then delivered to Gary Cooper Chev. Co. in Prague, OK. Car was sold new by City Chevrolet in Muskogee, OK. I have researched the original owner, but cannot locate his name. Terry and Pam Howard were the second owners also of Muskogee, OK, and purchased the car in 1983, with about 51,000 miles. The third owner was Bruce Brady in Midland, Texas, he purchased the car in April, 1986. At that point it had 86,000 miles. I am the fourth owner and purchased the car on May 28, 1994. It had 99,695 miles on the odometer. In the last 22 years I have rebuilt the front and rear suspensions, complete brake overhaul, and in 2010 I decided to start a frame off restoration. I have been driving the car the last two years while completing painting, interior, etc.
1970 Chevrolet Chevelle SS396 (Green Mist Metallic (45))


Original Block Bored .030, Block was decked so numbers are gone. Freshened with a mild cam, original intake, original Quadrajet, original distributor, Hooker Stainless Headers, Vintage Air Front Runner Serpentine System with Vintage Air A/C. Gear Vendors Overdrive.
Stock interior with added Mechanical Oil Pressure and Water Temperature gauges.
Base Coat, Clear Coat Green Mist Metallic. Black hood and deck stripes in a metallic black.
Stock AM Radio on the bench and I installed a original style AM/FM with Bluetooth. I can't believe how much I paid for this radio and the quality is not really what I expected.
Rebuilt front and rear stock F41 with polyurethane bushings.
Wheel and Tire
Stock wheels powder coated. BFG rubber.



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