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General Information

Delivered to Sir Walter Chevrolet in Raleigh, NC. Think it was sold to National Car Rental originally. Best of my knowledge it lived its entire life there. Last titled in 1993 in NC. Spent many years at a College in NC is a state of restoration. It was purchased by a gentlemen in Maine sometime in 2015 or 2016 and he complete the restoration. The story relayed to me by the restorer was that early in the cars life the L34 396 spun a bearing. The then owner had a friend who had a 1970 SS with an LS5 who wanted an LS6 so he sold him the LS5 and it when in this car. The casting and motor code is an LS5 from a manual car this car in an automatic. It wears its original gold color, black interior and black top.
1970 Chevrolet SS (Gold)


1970 454 LS5
Original AM Tape gone now a real piece of crap in it's place. New interior, door panels not the best, will replace those with better reproductions at some point. Original gauges, tach. Really poor IP cover need to find a better one. AC vents have all be abused and will replace with better quality as time permits. AC/HEAT/Vent showing some signs of life but need attention.
454 Badges to indicate the LS5 under the hood. Outside mirror was a remote and is now a reproduction manual. Original window and top moldings with some small dents and signs that they came off and back on. Reproduction bumpers probably. Original grill and trim. Replacement from bumper turn signals (originals had one with a bad socket) Original lens from and rear. Original side and rear window glass. Original headlight trim. Door edge guards removed and not replaced.
A real piece of crap



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