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Purchased in 2010. Took the car down to the frame. My original intention was to restore the car as it would have been originally purchased. But as I got closer to completing it, I decided to make some modifications to the car. Over $150,000.00 later, Im still finding things to change. Im not really sure how much I've spent (although my wife can tell you to the penny), but like a lot of you out there, I certainly can't sale it at a breakeven price. I just wish I had started with the final modifications. The main mod I wish I had made was to put an LS engine in it instead of the original numbers matching 396 (bored to a 402). Thats one modification that is too expensive to make now.
1969 Chevrolet Chevelle (Silver)


Bored 396 to 402
Replaced cast iron heads with Brodix aluminum
changed valve covers
Upgrade the cam, crank, pistons, rocker arms, timing gear and chain, fuel pump, oil pump, and pan, Oversized Aluminum radiator, with double electric fans.
Changed out carburetor to a Holly street racer, then to a larger double pumper.
Hedman Hedders, stainless exhaust.
Rebuilt the TH400 auto transmission and added Gear Vendors overdrive, then recently changed to 5 speed tremec t5 transmission.
Installed Dakota Digital dash cluster
Replaced manual windows with power
Replaced all interior lights with LED
Upgraded to Billet shifter, Brake and Clutch Pedals, Indicator and tilt handles, door handles
Installed Dynamat on the floor and inside doors, and on the roof and behind the rear seat
Upgraded to plush carpet
Installed Vintage A/C system
Most of these modifications were done AFTER the car was supposedly FINISHED AND RUNNING.

Painted exterior Corvette Silver with Black 70 style racing stripe.
Tinted door windows
Stainless Exhaust Tips
LED Rear Brake and Side Running Lights
Upgraded Side Mirrors to wide view (one of the best upgrades out there for safety)
Installed classic radio system and under the seat iPad unit
Installed Viper Alarm System
Changed original brakes to upgraded four wheel disk power disc brakes, and now I am in my latest modification, adding a Hydratech power assist system.
Upgraded Original Suspension to Hotchkis Total Suspension System
Wheel and Tire
Changed Stock Tires and wheels to Craiger Rims and racing tires.



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