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Chevelle Wagon
Desert Beige
Third owner. She was built in Los Angeles and stayed there until the mid-80's when the person I bought it from acquired it and relocated it to the Seattle until I brought to to Florida in 2018. Cool thing is the second owner had a large Hudson collection and told me he picked up the wagon as a parts hauler but that it was so solid he did a mild restoration and used it as a daily driver for 20 years. So he swapped in a 350 from the late 70's with an Edelbrock intake and carb set up and a Turbo 350. He added a front disc set up from a 69 Camaro and a Vintage AC set up. I bought it sight unseen after several calls and exchanges of pics and was blown away with how solid the wagon is. To date, I've only added a battery, seat belts for the rear seat (he added fronts) and swapped out the nasty body mount bushings for a set of polyurethane ones. She is still a daily driver and kids love it for Little League. I'll be adding a full suspension upgrade next and then a 4L60E in preparation for a LS3 swap down the line.
1964 Chevrolet Chevelle Wagon (Desert Beige)



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