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Chevelle Convertible
Daytona Blue
From original owner:
Cullari - 1964 Chevelle Background
1964 Chevrolet, Model 5867, Convertible 4 speed transmission, was purchased on May 27, 1964 from Lincoln Park Motors, 12 Boonton Turnpike, Lincoln Park, NJ by Joann Cullari residing at 14 Montrose Street, Lincoln Park, NJ for $3000.00. Subsequently, she sold the car to her brother, Ray, in 1965. Officially it was purchased by their Dad, Herman Cullari.
Ray bought the car when he started college in August of 1965. His sister almost re-negged on the deal and there was a brother sister dispute until the Dad stepped in and told Joann she had to sell it to him. He drove it to Christian Brothers College in Memphis, TN and drove it back and forth for four years. When he graduated, his girlfriend, Mary Anne flew down for his graduation in 1969. They drove the car back to Jersey. Mary Anne had never driven a stick before so it was a real learning experience. At that time Route 80 passed through some small towns and still had stop lights on the highway. At one point, at a stoplight, on an incline, Mary Anne just couldn't get the hang of the brake/gas/clutch timing and had stalled the car numerous times. So Ray decided that he would work the gas and she would work the brake to clutch. But in order to do this, he had to have his head in her lap, leaning over the stick and bucket seat. Just as they were ready to put this plan into action, a nice southern policeman stopped next to the passenger side of the car, looked in and in his southern drawl said "Can I help yaall?" Ray sat up and said "She can't drive a stick!" The policeman just shook his head and waited to make sure they were going to get through the light.
The Chevelle was Ray's baby long before he married Mary Anne and had babies of his own. He spent a lot of time working on the car, riding with the top down listening to music. He installed speakers and an 8 track tape deck. You could hear him from a mile away. Not like now with subwoofers pounding, just blasting good old rock and roll. His first meeting with his future wife was in the Chevelle. He and his best friend in the front set, picked up three girls who sat in the back seat, one of whom was his neighbors best friend. Mary Anne. Their eyes met in the rear view mirror and it was the connection of a lifetime. It sat through many movies at the Drive In theater. You had to have the top up for that though, too many mosquitos. Speaking of the top up, you always had to be aware of the weather, because if there was a threat of rain, and you had the top down, you had to manually get that top up and locked in place before the first raindrop hit.
After they got married, the Chevelle became the family car. It made many trips down the shore riding down the parkway with the top down. It was a sturdy car, built to last. It didn't like the cold weather sometimes. It refused to start, but if you got out of the driver's seat and pushed it to get a little momentum going, you could hop in, pop the clutch and that baby started right up. And if you couldn't get momentum, there was always some guy willing to give you a push. Not sure if the attraction was the car or the driver.
It stayed the family car till the third child was born in 1977. It was really hard to fit three kids in the backseat f, so the Chevelle became a weekend car. At times, Ray's son, Michael and his cousin, Vinny would take it around the yard to practice driving and even learn the workings of a motor and how to fix it. It eventually was garaged for many years, but then kicked out of the garage to make room for other things, where it was kept under a car cover.
It sat that way for too many years. Ray always wanted to restore it, but time, money and then finally health got in the way. It never left Montrose Street though. It lived there from 1964 to 2018. It's a family legend filled with memories of a good man and his family.
Hope there's another 54 years with a new life and new memories to make in Arizona.
1964 Chevrolet Chevelle Convertible (Daytona Blue)


Original 327 4 bbl 250 HP 4 speed manual
Original radio
Wheel and Tire
Original SS Hubcaps


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