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Showcase cover image for 1967 P-11 Norton

General Information

Bought this numbers matching P-11 from my brother in boxes. Numbers matching meant nothing to me then. All that was there was a motor, trans, frame, wheels and brakes. Back when I bought it, there were no aftermarket restoration parts for a P-11. That could still be true today. There are folks that specialize in restoring P-11s now.

The P-11 was a desert scrambler built in the USA for racers in the states. There was also a P-11 Ranger street model, which this bike may or may not have been. It was flat tracked on the mile and half mile at the San Jose fairgrounds before it went into boxes.

I turned it into what it looks like today. Would make a good platform for a full restoration. It is quick for a 60's 750 twin.
1967 Norton P-11


Original P-11 Norton motor modified to use a 2S Combat cam and electronic ignition. Twin Mikuni carburetion with home made intake manifolds. Head was ported in Europe by renowned Norton man Fred Barnes. In order to use the 2S cam I modified a Combat timing cover, and the timing side of the crank case. Hence the Norton name on the timing cover. Normally the timing cover is smooth. Bubb pipe with some of my performance modifications.
Metallic Red, Black frame
Betor forks and Koni shocks, Stock P-11 Matchless frame, Stock P-11 drum brakes
Wheel and Tire
Stock P-11 wheels Dunlop front and Avon rear



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