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Team Chevelle Database

The Chevelle Registry

1964 - 1972

The Chevelle Registry was designed to determine at best the amount of Chevelles and El Caminos from 1964 thru 1972 that are still in existence today. Hosted by Team Chevelle (, the Registry will eventually contain this info and act as a statistical tool for Chevelle and Camino restorers all over the world. Additionally the information stored in the data base of your vehicle can be utilized as a security feature. In the event your car is stolen, your information could be provided for your local law enforcement and be published immediately in Team Chevelles alert. It could also be made available to other Chevelle and Auto clubs around the world for their help in searching for your car.

Imagine being able to tell how many 1967 Chevelle SS are left with an unusual option. Or how about being able to contact a fellow Chevelle enthusiast who has the same car with similar or the same options as yours to guide you in your authentic restoration.

The data compiled will consist of specific information which will be able to be sorted and reviewed by dedicated specialists in each year of Chevelle.
Results of this research will be made available on the website as the data is analyzed and confirmed.
At the option of the Registrant, names and address can be kept private.

The registration is free, all you have to do is fill out the information online. Alternately a printed form once completed can be returned to the individual whom gave it to you or by fax or mail it to the one of the choices located on the last page.

In order for the information to be accurate, you must enter the options as your car originally came from the factory. For example, if your car was originally Green and now painted Red enter the original color Green. If your car now has gauges but did not come with them originally then do not include that option. At the end of the registry you will be asked to add those items not original to your car or add any special characteristics that would help identify your car should it be stolen. Remember the initial purpose for this registry is to determine what is left and what these cars actually came with. If you’re not sure about the originality of the RPO in your car then write “BG” (best guess) in the comments area . If you are positive that the option is part of your car then place an “X” in the space provided.

Please enter your information into the appropriate year listed below.

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Thank you for being a part of our effort in making the restoration and preservation of the Chevelle an enjoyable experience.

The Chevelle Registry
Att: Richard Recupero

Fax: (732) 542-5016

Team Chevelle contact: Rich Recupero - [email protected]


Administrators Area

Password Restricted to those working on the data

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