Depending on the model year and the options ordered or installed by dealerships, different audio equipment was implemented. While some units (such as the under-dash 8 tracks) look exactly alike when compared from vehicle to vehicle or model year to model year, the internal electronic designs dictate their placement. In other words, if you are restoring or building a vehicle with audio options originally available, you need to look at the big picture. Various components are very option specific--an 8 track player used in vehicle equipped with an AM pushbutton radio is different then one used in a vechicle equipped with an AM/FM-stereo multiplex system. This is just one example of things that need to be kept in mind. Different layouts require different equipment.

Please be patient while this section is being created from vast amounts of different information sources. One of the most difficult parts of this section has been the 1967-1969 Chevrolet multiplex and/or 8 track tape player installation/wiring layouts. Although there is information and examples out there, there is little consistantcy--even from official Delco Radio documentation. Please bare in mind that the research is only half the battle, the other half is putting all of this information into a user-friendly online guide. Thank you.

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