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      Here's my pump, internally regulated. Anybody see this as a potential issue? States 110gph at 7psi. Its actually showing 6-6.5 on my gauge. Question is, if this is fuel related, is it the pump or 3/8 sender?

      • Gerotor Design For Smooth Operation And Durability
      • Flows 125 GPH Free Flow
      • Flows 110 GPH at 7 PSI
      • Powers Engines from Stock All the Way Up to 700 Horsepower
      • 3/8" NPT Inlet & Outlet Fittings
      • Black Mil-Spec Nickel Teflon Hard Anodized Billet Base
      • Show Quality Chrome 12v Motor
      • Profiled Black Powdercoated Mounting Bracket
      • Laser Engraved Holley Logo & Inlet/Outlet Markings
      • Less Noise than Traditional Vane Pumps
      • 6 1/4" tall
      • Compatible with Gasoline or
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      Both of those pumps are rated at very high PSI, so they would require a regulator. I don't kow if my regulator can handle it (I would prefer to lose the regulator and run a pump that is preset).
      I was thinking about the one below (because the ports are inline with each other - not really an 'inline' pump, but it could work), but people are saying it is too big to mount anywhere easily.

      So does anyone know why my regulator won't drop the fuel pressure down??
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