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      I put these 8 footers in my 24x40 shop and they made a HUGE difference. It is like daylight in the entire shop. these are 10ea 8 footers 6000k. It does take a bit to get use to the color but.. there isn't a shadow anywhere in the shop. Installed them a year ago and haven't had a single problem with them.

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      (y)Yes, it looks like those light up your garage just like the ones I bought light up mine. Those are even a little more Lumens than the ones I have, and yes that's a very good deal at $20 per light and those are a 6000K color compared to the 4000K color of mine. NICE!!! It looks like they mount directly to the ceiling. The ones I have are mounted with eye bolts and hung with chains. I think I'd rather keep the heat away from the ceiling with the chain mounted ones, but those that you have are twice the length also which is nice. I sure wish my garage was the size of yours. (y)
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