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      Picked this up yesterday cuz I was in a jam. Needed a engine hoist and both guys I borrow from were gone for the weekend. Had a coupon for $99.99, some assembly required but not too bad. Worked pretty good but my only complaint so far was that the arm is a little on the short side and the ram butted up against the front of the car and we just barely had enough room to set the engine. Im going to buy a better one down the road but this one worked fine.
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      I'm ready to do and engine swap in my 1972 Malibu.

      I has a stock L65 350 and TH-350 transmission. I'd like to pull both out together. I do not have a lift, but only hoist, ramps, jackstands, etc.

      I've seen other threads recommending pulling the engine/trans together, but my question is will I be able to clear the radiator core support with this whole thing hanging from the hoist?

      The hoist that I have is this one:

      Or could I unbolt and remove the engine, then remove the transmission? The issue is how to remove the transmission if I pull the engine first? From below? If so, how high off the ground do I need to get the car? Or can I pull the transmission out through the engine compartment/how to attach the hoist?

      I would like to have the transmission out of the car so I can bolt it up to the new engine, then drop the whole thing in. But if it is possible to just swap out the engine, I'm ok with that as well.

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