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About the Chevelle List

What is an e-mail mailing list?

Mailing lists are electronic bulletin boards structured around a central topic or interest. They are called mailing lists, because they are lists of e-mail addresses of interested people. Currently there are well over 4,000, with a range of topics from African history to yachting - just about A to Z. Through a mailing list you are able to locate a group of people who share your interests. Each person subscribes to the mailing list, receiving copies of messages sent to the list. Subscribers or members can also send messages to the list, which will then be electronically distributed.

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What is the Chevelle List for?

The Chevelle List is a discussion mailing list for the exchange of information and opinions related to the collecting, maintenance or restoration of classic (1964-72) Chevrolet Chevelles and El Caminos, as well as other GM A-body cars.

The Chevelle List was born of a desire for an Internet-based forum for classic car discussions more specifically about Chevelles. Nothing quite like the Chevelle List exists on the 'Net (aside from a few other resources mentioned later in this FAQ). Other mailing lists or Usenet newsgroups are much more general in nature.

Who should be on this list?

The Chevelle List can be a valuable resource for:

Even Ford owners?

Yes, Chevy salvation is even available to Ford owners, and they are encouraged to participate in the Chevelle List. It is never too late to convert.

Is the Chevelle List just for Americans?

Not at all. Though originally made in the US and Canada, Chevelles seem to have quite a following outside North America. As of this writing, there are Chevelle List members in Sweden, Belgium, Argentina, Finland, South Africa and Mexico, in addition to the US and Canada.

How long has the Chevelle List been around?

The Chevelle List was set up during the weekend of 5-6 October, 1996. The very first non-administrative message was broadcast to the list on the historic date of Monday 7 October by Darrell Spencer

What are permissible subjects of discussion?

Any subjects of particular interest to collectors or restorers of classic Chevelles are acceptable and encouraged.

Note: One chronic subject the Chevelle List can live without is the ongoing battle between hot-rodders and stock restoration buffs. Luckily, there is little of such antagonism on the Chevelle List.

Can I just read the messages posted by others?

Yes. In fact, of all the current Chevelle List members, only about 20-30% actually post to the List. The rest "lurk" without posting, and learn from the conversations among the more active List members.

If you would like to browse the discussion list, we have thousands of topics and replies at: the mail archive. These are available for viewing using your browser (no response is possible without joining).

Can I post answers to other people's questions?

This is how many people use the List. You can use the Reply feature on your email package to answer questions and comments made by other list members (please edit down the previous message somewhat to save space). You will automatically reply to the Chevelle List, not to the individual you are answering.

Can I post an ad?

Sure. If you have a Chevelle or some parts for sale, or are looking for a Chevelle or parts, or want to make any other announcements which you are pretty sure would be of interest to members of the Chevelle List, please let us know.

If you misjudge and post something irrelevant, the members will doubtless make you aware of your mistake.

If you want to respond to an ad, it is hoped you will exercise all the usual caution you would employ in negotiating any other sort of mail-order transaction. The Chevelle List is a public mailing list, and no one really knows anything about any of the Chevelle List members, except their e-mail addresses.

So are commercial representatives allowed on the Chevelle List?

By all means. List members are always interested in learning what the experts from the aftermarket manufacturing industry think about things, plus the Chevelle List can be a good place for manufacturers to learn of specific requirements from the Chevelle enthusiast community. Your List Administrator does request, however, that list members representing companies make their commercial affiliations known, ideally in their .sigs.

Who's in charge?

No one is in charge. The Chevelle List is completely unmoderated, and the conversations and discussions are refereed by the Chevelle List members themselves. By the same token, no one except individual list members is responsible for opinions expressed on the Chevelle List.

How much does it cost?

It costs nothing to join the Chevelle List and participate in the discussions. The members of Team Chevelle pay for this service out of the yearly dues.

Any other rules we should know about?

Generally, your List Administrator is not big on rules. It is expected that list participants exercise due politeness when discussing controversial subjects with each other. Occasionally, tempers will flair and hurtful comments will be tossed about, but it is anticipated that most members will be grown up enough that they can tolerate contrary opinions and maybe the odd joke or two.

There are some other guidelines for ensuring a happy list:

Your List Administrator is none too interested in maintaining strict adherence to notions of topical relevance, and is not crazy about dozens of superfluous messages complaining that a particular post is off-topic. Try to stay on the subject of Chevelles, but if the conversation digresses, hey, you're among friends. Have some fun.

If, on the other hand, you are one of those human beings who has a hard time dealing with other human beings when they start acting like human beings, you might not appreciate the easy-going manner in which this list is administered.

Sounds cool. How do I join the Chevelle List?

Join our Chevelle Mailing List

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To subscribe to the Chevelle mailing list, simply visit this web page.

You will receive a confirmation email with an authorization code via email.
Just reply to the email and you will be subscribed.

To Unsubscribe from the List

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Posting Messages to the List

To send a message to the list, all you need to do is send an email to from the address that you subscribed from.

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