Chevelle Tech - Conversation Between 70SSTHUMPER and YankeeRodder
Conversation Between 70SSTHUMPER and YankeeRodder
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  1. YankeeRodder
    Feb 22nd, 14 10:22 AM - permalink
    Noticed wild bill tried to quiet it down! I didn't see your message to me until today, sorry. That subject will rear it's head from time to time as a warning I guess. I see Gary is on the other Chevelle site Chevrolet Chevelle Forum. Someone popped in there and scalded him and also let old history be known on this new site, boy did he flip out, throwing f-bombs all over and never got "banned".
    Feb 15th, 14 1:57 PM - permalink
    Here we go Mr. hornet nest stirrer upper! This could be fun.
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