Chevelle Tech - Conversation Between zombie1969 and gene1964
Conversation Between zombie1969 and gene1964
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  1. gene1964
    Apr 2nd, 11 7:48 PM - permalink
    yeah got told I was posting in wrong spot.I've had it so long it's time to go maybe. I want anew 2011 camaro ss. however if I can't get a fair price I'll keep her another 28 years
  2. zombie1969
    Apr 1st, 11 2:47 PM - permalink
    This place is messed up.Did you get some sort of infraction or warning?If so its unwarented IMO because that section is for that sort of thing.
  3. gene1964
    Mar 31st, 11 9:28 PM - permalink
    boy talk about strict I only need to know what she may be worth I tried to describe best I could and they think autmaticly it's for sale.
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