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Conversation Between Mikes64 and OLDED
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  1. OLDED
    May 21st, 18 8:37 PM - permalink
    Sorry about not getting back - just didn't notice your question. The nut should be a Chevy Parts part over the counter.I re-constructed cut a wedge out and re-welded it to set the unit at the same angle as a vac booster) so I could use the lower pedal arm hole. I threaded the push rod to fine thread 3/8" and reused the original clevis from the vac booster.
  2. Mikes64
    May 9th, 16 8:31 AM - permalink
    Ed, I have a couple questions on a Hydraboost set up. My unit came out of a 06 Chevy 3/4 ton that was in a wreck and cracked the large retaining nut and broke when it removed it to remove original mounting plate. Do you know of a source for the adapter plate and nut? Also what do I need to adapt the push rod? Can this be made or purchased? This is for my 64, its still in the body work phase but I need to mock this unit up. Thanks for any help. Mike
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