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Conversation Between smokn72ss and IndianaSS67
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  1. smokn72ss
    Nov 25th, 09 10:44 AM - permalink
    yeah **** is rough right now .. hope you get back to work soon .. I've been looking for a while I have a "job" but it sucks ... hope to hear from ya soon
  2. smokn72ss
    Sep 5th, 09 10:34 PM - permalink
    I was just up through there the other day my friend lives in la porte area ... there are a couple other tc guys up that way too .. were you one of those hit by the massive layoffs and closings ?
  3. IndianaSS67
    Sep 5th, 09 9:12 PM - permalink
    I'm up near the Michigan border, Elkhart County where the unemployment is the record high.
  4. smokn72ss
    Sep 5th, 09 3:58 PM - permalink
    hey where in indiana are ya from ? yeah some car shows attendance have been down Super chevy indy is one example ..... its nothing like years ago .,.....
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