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  1. mino65
    Nov 16th, 14 9:28 AM - permalink
    hope to get mine up higher some day,,but not that high,,lol.May change out the rear uppers to some art morrissons.Billygman plotted my I/C and its way out in front of the car.need to raise the rears about 3 bring it back where it needs to be.Found a problem at the last race of the year,,the dist pickup lockout came loose and my car was popping on the top wouldn,t mph,was off 4 at 2 diff. chance I pulled the dizzy out when I got home and found the screw laying under the mag.lots of things to do over the winter,mostly small stuff.Hope to get it consistant 10.30,s next year.I have a youtube video under MARK DIMAURO CHEVELLE,out of the last 2 t.trials and you can hear it in the first part.second one was a missed 2nd shift.
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