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Conversation Between MEJ1990TM and LXS
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  1. LXS
    Feb 27th, 11 2:30 PM - permalink
    Hey! Don't know if you're interested, or if tiu can make it, but there's a car show coming up in April! I posted it up in the events/cruise in forum ...

    Hope you can make it!
  2. LXS
    Jan 1st, 11 8:47 PM - permalink
    Ouch!! $600!! From what I remember I only owed around $350ish. DMV garnished my wages for a little bit before I stopped working, so I'm hoping I owe half! LoL
  3. MEJ1990TM
    Jan 1st, 11 7:46 PM - permalink
    Sorry to hear about your job. I wouldn't call a Ford being on the dark side. My second favorite car is a '64 Galaxie.

    I know what a pain in the ass the DMV can be. I just paid almost $600 to get a title and register my car. A nice little new years present from the DMV to me. That's the single most expensive sticker I have ever bought. They are going to be sending me the title in the mail.
  4. LXS
    Jan 1st, 11 7:24 PM - permalink
    That's awesome to hear! Nothing has been goin on with my Chevelle! lol Is been sitting since '07, I managed to replace my f'd up lifters with the help of a buddy of mine (I had injured my back and couldn't do much), back in '08 and that's about it! But on the bright side...if you wanna call it that lol....I'm going to be leaving the "dark side" and am selling my '03 Mach 1 I lost my job back in September and I just can't afford the payment anymore...boy am I going to MISS that car!! :'( But as I mentioned the bright side, that'll mean that my Chevelle will HAVE to come out if hibernation since I'm goof to need a mode of transportation! All it needs is a new starter, battery, driver seat, and to pay the fees on my expired registration! LoL
  5. MEJ1990TM
    Jan 1st, 11 5:40 PM - permalink
    Happy new year to you too. Hows things going with the Chevelle? Things are good here. Been driving the '71, other than that not too much going on.
  6. LXS
    Jan 1st, 11 5:08 PM - permalink
    Happy New Year! How's everything man, how've you been?! Hope all is well!
  7. LXS
    Jan 13th, 09 10:26 PM - permalink
    What's up man!?
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