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Conversation Between Xplantdad and Ricks70ss
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  1. Xplantdad
    Oct 2nd, 10 9:43 AM - permalink

    I'll see what I can find out about the shirt. It'll have to wait until next week I have to do a store "Grand Opening" this weekend...
  2. Ricks70ss
    Oct 1st, 10 11:13 AM - permalink
    Bruce. What I was asking on the E mail was. At Arrowhead Harley. I want to know if they have any Son's of Anarchy shirts. While I was back east. I bought one froma dealer in Detroit. I never miss that show. I love it. If you can get me one. I'll send you the ca$h. If you want it before hand. let me know. I'll pay for the shipping and the shirt. All I need is for you to get me one. PLEASE. Thanks Rick
  3. Ricks70ss
    Mar 3rd, 09 10:00 AM - permalink
    Bruce: I was busy all day with my brother in law. he just finished up his new home. So I was helping him move his old Harley. Which is a basket case. Then we took off up north too see is property. I didn't get back here till around 6:30. It was one busy day for me. Plus a little warm moving all the stuff. But a dinner at Famous Dave's. Made it a good night. Not counting the beers I had later. Hope to see & hear from you soon. P.S. Don't you work right by me ? On Bell rd. Some kind of sports center???? Rick
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