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Re: 67 convert SS 375hp

Originally Posted by james a larson View Post
People in MN tend to honestly represent things for sale. I wonder what the location of the 67 quarter panel script is. The 66 is down 5" from the upper seam and forward 1" from the rear quarter panel extension, is 67 the same? One think that I see on a number of restorations is the fat front door arm rests, sticks out like a sore thumb. Looks like 67 Jack and Posi instructions are different and in different locations from 66. estimate market value of homes in the area the car is located is an average of over a Mill if that means anything.
Sorry, but you can't outsource the job of looking out for your best interests. With the kind of money potentially involved with a car like this the buyer and seller both need to be informed in order to help make the transaction proceed smoothly.

The seller says it's a solid lifter 375 horsepower engine. Is it matching numbers, are the stampings and date codes correct? What about the carb, distributor, rear end, transmission, etc. What if he's referring to the engine being an original 375 horsepower engine that was swapped in? He could even be referring to a rebuild that now produces 375 horsepower. How about the possibility that he believes it's a factory L78, but it's a clone?

There are too many unknowns, including the asking price. It's a nice car, but the seller would be wise to have backed up the ad with documentation if it is really an L78.

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