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Re: #[email protected]%!* county property tax assessment

Nebraska abolished what they called state property tax in 1966...and then started using this one.

PDF]The Basics of Nebraska's Property Tax - Nebraska Legislature

Political subdivisions began levying property taxes in 1867
and have been exclusively levying property taxes since 1967.
Today, property tax is the primary revenue raising tool for
political subdivisions, and in fiscal year 2013-1014, property
tax revenue comprised approximately 39 percent of all state
and local tax revenue collected in Nebraska.

The rest goes to local county support. Infrastructure, schools, fire, police and so on. We all need to support the areas we live in....i'm just wondering how long i can support this area after i retire..... Central Neb. has a few counties that have a low median rate, $900 compared to $2100 for mine. Not much out there but the 2 lane black tops are a nice place to open the throttle...
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