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Originally Posted by 66 Bu View Post
You know, everyone likes to talk about state employee retirement benefits but seems to forget that in most states these same employees typically or paid 1/2 of what a similar position in private industry would make. I had people laugh and tell me they wouldn't get out of bed for as little as I made working for the state. Yet after dedicating over 30 years to the state, all the while making less than my peers, I retire and now I'm the problem with our state's economy?

Even in the realm of state employee wages Missouri was typically at the bottom of the totem pole. Missouri consistently ranked 48th and lower in average state employee pay. Then, you go as many as 5 or 6 years with no raises only to get a $30 a month raise? It's hard to keep pace with the cost of living at those numbers. But I knew this going into it, and honestly one of the reasons I became a state employee, the benefits.

However, government employees at every level are the low hanging fruit... continue on...
Obviously, some states are more of an issue than others.

But what is often the problem is the government never properly funded the retirement accounts so now the taxpayers will take it in the shorts again to make up the shortfall.


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