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Originally Posted by Rich-L79 View Post
I've NEVER had school aged children so perhaps I should have had a lower tax rate all along!

You know, if it had been a 5% increase I wouldn't be bitching, but 19% all at one time? And it is happening not just in my county. And this is while we have a (supposed) governor and legislature that is all concerned with delivering property tax relief. All I say is, PROVE IT. To be fair, they wanted to deliver property tax relief for farmers, so I guess they have to make up for it by taxing the rest of us more..... I'm not against helping farmers, they need it, but there should be a way to do it without increasing revenue burdens over all. Our state has a balanced budget this year so what gives?

Every neighbor I've talked to got a similar valuation increase.

Interesting that this year they are asking you to physically attend an arbitration meeting if you want to protest. You CAN choose the option to just let them decide but they don't state that very prominently and if no one shows I can only guess what they will do. By requesting in person meetings, I suspect they are looking for ways to limit protests. I've no idea why EVERYONE doesn't file a protest but many of my neighbors are not going to. What have you got to lose? We have to send a message but no one wants to get involved.
It sounds like your houses were all appraised at a higher price because values have risen on home values since they were last appraised. In our case the town was really getting into big trouble financially with under funding pensions, etc. and when they looked back it was so long since a total town re-appraisal was done that is was one of the options they looked at to raise more revenue. That is when we saw the biggest rise in taxes. Now by law they have to re-appraise home values after a certain number of years. We have had a couple of re-appraisals since the initial one and with these the mill rate was either raised or lowered depending on which way the re-appraisals went but they always find a way to throw in an extra mill or two.

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