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Originally Posted by Andy69 View Post
That's confiscatory.

I hear stories all the time about retired people being taxed out of the houses they have lived in for decades.

That's criminal.
That's how it is in CT. We bought our home brand new in 1998 in a town that had a high tax rate but if you bought the same house in another town it would have cost 2 to 3 times more. It was like pay up front by the cost of the house or over the years because of the higher mill rate. People will ask me now where I live and I reply the tax town Waterbury Ct. Their reply is in their towns the taxes are getting just as bad. About 2 years ago they finally equalized car taxes because you could own the same exact car in different towns and pay a lot more because of the towns mill rate. Now 2 years later the state wants to end this process because the state is in so much financial trouble they can't afford to subsidize it anymore even though when they initiated the change the state was in trouble then too. We own a 2016 and 2017 vehicle and we'll probably be paying $1k or more a piece on taxes on them also. Luckily on my 71 Malibu they can't assess the vehicle for more than $500 because it has antique plates on it. So in total we'll pay close to if not more than $10k a year in city taxes and there are a lot more that pay even more than that. Now you know why you don't see any ads "Retire To Connecticut".

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