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Re: 1964 4 door Malibu - LQ4/T56 build

Measured the cross member clearance, enough to keep squirrels running for their lives.

Pulled the interior and had to evict the previous tenants. Palmetto bugs.. still smacking at errant shifts in clothes and itching everything.

Finally got the trunk cleaned out, doesn't look too bad, think there's some rust under the coating. Floorboards need to be replaced, they're pretty bad. Guy put that deadener right over holes.

Some assembly required..

Completely vacuumed up all the interior, blew out every bit of it, under the dash, cracks, etc. Pretty funny cleaning the top of the dash off and watching dust blow across the hood, PO botched butyl tape install. Smh. Steel wooled the windows then this happened.

Had my phone propped up on the dash, faster I went it would start pinching the phone and changing the volume. Lost all gears in first slow down. Pulled over and everything checked out. Thought, replacing the motor, replacing the trans, either way it'll be on a trailer.. Put it in drive and said f it, winged the motor. Bam! Don't know if the tires or belts squealed more! Haven't had a problem since. Got some gas, stopped by parents, coming home had an IDIOT in a BMW pull out in front of me, at first locked it down, slid a tad, then was able to get a hold of it and gather it up. Even the person behind me was blowing their horn at the idiot. Fixing the horn is moving up on the list..
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