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Re: 1964 4 door Malibu - LQ4/T56 build

Awesome night!! Maiden voyage done, instead of quenching the fires it's just stoked them! Car drives decent, powerglide works, I was like a little kid driving a go cart for the first time. Permagrin.

Finally pulled the door panels out, they're complete trash. $350.. That's down the road.

Never got a pic of the finished brakes. Feel bad that I pounded this new cap in, was a really tight fit, ended up v'ing the lip so it would compress and fit, still seals like it's supposed to. And the brakes work really, REALLY well. Unbolted seat, no seat belts, and those brakes led to a 3 stooge scene starring me.

Both headlight and wiper switch looked like this, completely nasty. Wd40 and 000 steel wool worked wonders.


Car came with a new bezel, waiting to install it. Got to get through theft inspection, title, then there'll be fab work on the trans tunnel and floorboards, then it'll get some love.
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