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Re: 1964 4 door Malibu - LQ4/T56 build

Driver's side before and after, didn't go all out, not really concerned with looks at this point, just wanted the major chunks off

trans pan was leaking, figure cheap filter/gasket change. Now I'm wondering if this thing has 2nd gear

cleaned up

filter is nothing but screen/mesh

Buttoned up

This brake line had me laughing my ass off. Only thing I can come up with is no flaring tool so they did what they could w/ the extra length. All the bleeders are mangled w/ visegrip marks.

driver's pipe is seriously hitting the rear lower control arm

Found out the exhaust is 2" pipe, crimp bent, reason the 305 sounds like a 12:1 350..

Buddy and I had bets on this being the horn but I think it's the wipers, still trying to track the wiring down, it goes down to the headlights, taps into factory harness, then goes back to behind the booster and taps into a different harness. f'ed up. bare wire twisted all over.

I'm about numb to things like this now. shoestring on the shifter linkage.

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